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Our service can accomodate patients as well as healthy people, 
My Swiss Home knows how important it is to take good care of yourself to be able to take care of the ones you love.  

annual Cleans

Mens sana in corpore sanum, a healthy mind in a healthy body, treat your self to our annual cleans! While enjoying the beautiful swiss scenery, we will provide you with a papering progrem to make sure your body benefits from your well deserved vacation.

package includes

  • Full check up
  • spa day
  • personal yoga instructor
  • global beauty care (face, body and hair 

Immune Boost Up

As our world grows more stressful and 
complicatedit is very important to take the time to craddle yourself and be on top of your healthWe offer a unique package to ensure a full check up and boost your immune system to take the world head on. 

Make your stay really count. 

package includes

  • Full check-up
  • vitamine immune system boost
  • cleansing juice detox
  • spa day
  • manucure and pedicure

Weight balancing

Weither you need to get more fit or improve your general health
our weight loss program is a great opportunity 
treat your self to a happier you
Get the active support of fully trained professional 
who will guide you step by step through 
this cleansing process. 

package includes

  • Full check-u
  • private nutritionist
  • day spa cures
  • certified chef
  • personal trainer